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For those using Vectorworks, AutoCAD, CADlite, Sketchup, ArchiCAD


The fact is simple,  you require CAD files and the format, but why would you use a product designed to build bridges, motor vehicles, tunnels, rockets, buildings, robots etc.

Since 1998,  we are yet to find someone in the Hospitality Industry who know how to use these CAD type software to its maximum. For those that studied these products at University, then you could be classed as the exception.  To create stage layouts, lighting setups and AV layouts then this CAD type software is FAR to complex for these requirements. You are building stagging & lighting plans, not designing an Airbus A380.

You require software that can read CAD files, but create the plans you require with ease and efficiency.  You require software that can read the drawings, create reports, have the built-in intelligence not just lines on a page.

The second prerequisite you require, you need to have accurate plans of the space or venue you are working in.  We see this all too often, spending countless hours per day chasing venues to obtain the correct CAD file. This is where you should be focussing your time on other duties, we supply this to you. Access our 28,000 venue plans already on file.

Managing multiple venue spaces? The area can be tough, one event could involve car parks, various levels within the hotel
and surrounding roads, then another event requires marquees in an outdoor space and the list continues. Event
Layout Software has enabled people to manage the space accurately and enables you to setup event layouts with
fantastic precision. The value of accurate floor plan software to staff managing space is tremendously high……… It’s an
extremely simple, yet very powerful system. We understand you hold events in many spaces across the country, fortunately, we have in excess of 3000 venues on file. (set up to exact scale and accuracy
The software is CAD accurate but without the complexity of dedicated CAD systems, and yet this system is full 3D.
Event Managers organising music festivals/music events/ weddings/racing events/sporting events etc.

Brilliant tool for AV/ lighting companies creating the best audio visual!

Lecture Room


Microsoft Visio 3D Event Floor Plan
Ballroom Function Layout, Tables, Chairs And Stage
Inventory Reporting, Event Layout Software
Site Plan Of Melbourne Sports And Aquatic Centre
Dance Floor 8m x 12m
Band High Resolution Visio Group
3D Image Of Function Room By
Projector and Stage Template

A great feature about is inventory reporting & allocating guest to seats.
Once you have created your floor plan, by a simple click of button, you can quickly generate an Inventory/Equipment report. You can also calculate the cost for hiring or buying some of the items on the plan.
By adding a ‘cost’ field, this report will calculate and total this for you. You can even include the name of the supplier!
If you have added or removed items on the plan after the report has been created, the report will then re­run and
update based on the changes you made.

CADplanners & Visio Group Concert Technical Plan

Our team will supply stunning and beautiful scaled plans of the indoor/outdoor space(s) you require. Our amazing team also create the smart shapes, these shapes are accurately scaled and provide a visual representation of your furniture and equipment. These items could be marquee’s, dinner tents, outdoor toilet facilities, cool rooms, umbrellas etc. Contact Us for more information!