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Hundreds of venues use our Event Floor Plan Software to precisely place the locations of exhibitors, marquees, tables & seating onto their site map. Many clients use the site maps for directional signage or add the plans to marketing brochures

Suitable For Any Type of Venue

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Show your clients precisely how their event will look set up in your venue. Using our to-scale 3D event software you can even create fly-through videos and send directly them to clients.

Event Layouts Brought to Life

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A schematic site map can also be a great starting point for your staff accessing all your venue plans with direct hyper links to each plan. We utilize Satelite imagery (NOT Google earth) to ensure what you see on screen is EXACTLY what will fit in the outdoor space

Professional, Accurate Planning

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Seating Charts

Our CAD accurate plans allow fast and efficient layouts, showing how many guests fit comfortably within your chosen function area. Seating charts and layouts are a breeze as they are integrated into the software

Seating Allocations Made Easy

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Professional Event Floor Plans


Our systems are without doubt, the most user friendly interface for managing space in a 2D/3D environment. It's “smart shape” technology is way ahead of it's competition, not to mention the enormous flexibility and customising options available.

No more table shuffle when setting up events

We take pride in creating Event Planning Software that allows you to create brilliant function plans in minutes, knowing it will fit. Software that allows you to simply drag and drop your scaled furniture icons onto a customised & precise plan of your venue. Your staff will create accurate floor plans with 45 minutes training.

Sales teams have an added advantage of securing more business

Therefor your staff can easily create their own custom floor plan layouts including banquet, dinner dance, theatre and classroom styles with absolute precision - shuffling furniture will be a thing of the past. As a result clients receive professional layouts!

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CADplanners Visio Floor Plan Software

CADplanners commenced trading October 1997 when we first discovered Microsoft Visio then owned and developed by a Canadian company “Visio International”. Our first solution was developed in 1998. We have close ties with another software development company “Priava” whose venue management system works seamlessly with our Visio solutions. To date, we have over 300 venue templates worldwide.

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Event Floor Plan Software, Table Layouts, Visio Group Support

Our software includes unlimited support and training, including phone and remote login support.

We ensure our clients receive support that's second to none

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Microsoft Visio Latest News

Venue Plan

Venue Plan

March 14th, 2013

Create a venue plan for banquet, dinner dance, cocktail or theater style plans in minutes. Rest assured, any plans you create will always be accurate.

The easiest to use floor plan software on the market.

Event Layout Software uses architectural drawings, to ensure millimetre perfect function event plans. Just drag and drop the true to-scale furniture items, onto the precise plan of your indoor or outdoor venue. Click the button to automatically copy tables or chairs , click again to create caberet style plans or number hundreds of chairs… Make the most of inventory reports or allocate guests to seats. For a technical plan, just click and turn on venue dimensions, projectors, power & AV locations or simply save the plan as a CAD file. Presto! A floorplan that actually shows what will fit in your venue.


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Reduce Labour & Event Setup Costs

March 5th, 2013

Reduce Event Setup Costs

Professional Sales & Marketing Material Sales teams have an added advantage of securing more business with client interaction from the very first phone inquiry. You can reduce event setup costs and it is a simple process to walk through an event layout in real‐time with a potential client using CADplanners.
We all know about the table shuffle when setting up events. With our software, there is no need for rough placement of tables and chairs. You create your own plans in-house so what you see on the plan is precisely how it will fit. Setup crew can 100% rely on the accuracy of a plan generated dramatically reducing time for event setup.

Civic Theatre - Amendments Required to Original Plan

Maximize Your Space

During the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Microsoft commissioned a case study on CADplanners and identified a saving to Stadium Australia (exceeding $100,000 in only 15 day's) by having accurate floor plan configurations for events.

Not only will having professional software reduce event setup costs, you may find that you have been underselling your space. Often we have venues not realising that they can fit more chairs or even tables into their spaces. The software really allows you to play around with various configurations within your space.

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Event Layouts

February 14th, 2013

Event Layout Floor Plan Software

CADplanners design and implement solutions for space management. Whether you require a simple floor plan system or a fully integrated web plan solution, we have your space management solutions solved. From small restaurants to Olympic stadiums, space management is an essential tool for today's venue manager. Event Layouts created in our software are accurate, to scale and professional.

CADplanners and our Visio solutions are recognised as the ultimate software for hospitality space planning solutions. When combined with customised floor plans & smart shapes, venue managers will find Visio an invaluable management tool. Not only will your clients appreciate this service, but operational staff can now recreate your custom layouts with absolute precision....... “what you see, is precisely what will fit”.....shuffling furniture will be a thing of the past !

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